About RAYS Design

I started RAYS Design for a few reasons including my love of creating while inciting delight. I feed off the small joys which come from looking at colors and shapes! (Life is finite and I'm trying to enjoy all of it, ya know?) RAYS seeks to evoke emotions across the spectrum of feelings, but above all, I hope you feel playful, empowered and empathetic. I'm thrilled if you feel other things too.

As I move through my work I weigh both the social and ecological effects of my products. I studied business at Fordham University in NYC and have a masters in Design for Sustainability from Savannah College of Art and Design. These two disciplines shaped my understanding of how the world works - for better and for worse.


In business school, I learned that those with $$$ hold the power then recruit others (often designers) to make their ideas reality. Civilization is designed, from the things we wear to the municipal infrastructures we use to navigate. A designer (of some sort) made the plans, followed a budget and chose the materials etc. For me, this means we have plenty of opportunities to design wonderful things into the world for ourselves and future generations.


I don't run RAYS Design like a typical design business. Yes, I could draw up designs and send them elsewhere to be manufactured by low-wage laborers and yes, I could buy the cheapest possible materials sourced from abroad. I could do lots of things that erode our local economies, increase global warming and generally cause harm in order to boost my profits. I won't though. I'll call the whole thing off before I toss my morals. 


Instead, I design everything myself then I make them by hand. I try to make my pieces artful and compelling, so at the very least, you can get a little something out of my work by just looking at it. I support local and small businesses and when necessary, I like to cruise Etsy for supplies. I focus on functionality, and I save my scraps to reuse when I can. 

I've recently begun teaching workshops because I want to share the joy and empowerment of making things yourself! Once you understand how things are made, you can not only make more for yourself, but you can fix and repair items instead of throwing them away and wasting resources on acquiring more! Knowledge is a powerful gift which I want to share with as many people as possible - more so than any item I make. 

Basically, I'm just trying to make a living doing what I enjoy so I can be helpful and loving to others. For now I'll be out here designing, making and steering my business in the most conscious direction. 

Life is what you make it, and I'm trying to make it awesome.