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These garments are worn by doctors and nurses as an extra layer of protection. They are meant to keep moisture droplets off of medical staff while allowing breathability and range of motion.

Suggested Fabric:

1. Lightweight nonwoven fabrics i.e. interfacing and cambric (used in dust covers and upholstery)

2. *Breathable lightweight cotton

*Note: this gown pattern does not include hems which are necessary to prevent fraying in woven fabrics.


Face masks can be worn by anyone wishing to reduce both the spread of their own germs as well as the reception of others.

This mask features 4 inner and exterior pleats that provide increased layers of  protection. It also has an inner pocket allowing you to add additional materials to filter your air. 


Suggested Fabric:

Remember, this is going to be on a face so choose something breathable and comfortable.

1. Lightweight nonwoven fabrics interfacing and cambric (used in dust covers and upholstery)

2. Breathable cotton

Suggested Flexible Metal for Nose Piece:

1. Garbage Bag Ties

2. Vegetable Ties (found on greens like Kale)

3. Floral Wire

4. Decorating Wire

5. Galvanized Steel Wire

Suggested Material for Ear Bands:

1. 1/4" Elastic

2. Pantyhose

3. Self-Adhering Medical Tape (has elasticity)

4. String