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Design During a Pandemic

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The world is experiencing a weird moment. Businesses are closing, workers are being laid off and people are wondering what the hell is going to happen to them and their families. I find myself considering the importance of my work in a more urgent way.

Pictured above: Isolation gown pattern you can print from home. Note: it's subdivided into letter sized paper that you tape together to make one large pattern.

I've always loved solving problems, so I was glad to lend my expertise when I was contacted to help with outfitting local hospitals with face masks and isolation gowns.

I've been thinking more critically about how I can put my creativity and design skills to best use. I worked on a team helping to design and produce PPE for New Orleans area hospitals, and I posted the patterns and information on my website for anyone to use themselves. Find those here.

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