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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

During business school, I learned that a viewer needed to see a marketing message about 50 times before the message sank in. I’ve always marveled at that. FIFTY TIMES. Seeing a cool billboard or commercial or sponsored ad one time (or 20 times) isn’t enough. This makes me feel a few different ways:

1) Discouraged by that expensive amount of messaging! What a colossal effort! Knowing my content will likely be overlooked makes me want to skip the effort. 2) Disappointed in myself as a viewer. Shoot what useful messages am I missing out on? Have I seen some neat business or useful tip that I’ve passed by? 3) Optimistic about how I can do things differently so that people learn about my business. How can I make my moves more impactful? 4) Motivated to record things that pique my interest immediately. I know that the odds are against my memory, so whether its a screenshot or a note, I’ve organized a little system for obtaining new information. For myself this tantalizing info tends to be new music, events, business ideas and design-related stuff. Relating this all back to my blog - I’ve heard for years that it’s a good idea to keep a blog. Up until now, I considered my Instagram my blog. Now this is both ridiculous and a great example of skilled procrastination. While I do have the ‘gram as well as the ‘book, I am not very present on social media. I hate being on my phone, so I post things occasionally but only when convenient and not with great strategy. I ESPECIALLY do not post to the degree that any of my accounts could be considered storied indicators of my business. At least, they don’t portray the story that I want them to. However, they’re probably accurate in that they depict a half-ass effort, because honestly, I have been half-assing. (What a stupid and sort of gross term, “half ass”) Last night, I was reading Daniel Dipiazza’s book, Rich20Something and he mentioned blogging. I don’t remember what he said - I think it was just on his To-Do list example, but I saw it as a way for me to hold myself more accountable. I currently work alone, but I want to have a team soon. Teams make work more enjoyable and they can move faster and more efficiently than a single person. Any who, since I don’t currently have a team, I’m going to write this blog and talk about my business plans and goals. I love to ponder issues, and I like to write so I’m thinking this is a good idea. If nothing else, it’s good for SEO and perpetuating my marketing messages throughout the web. ;) Please feel free to comment. I welcome feedback.

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