Portfolio of Work

Since the beginning, I've enjoyed experimenting across the accessory spectrum. I love to learn, and I love to test different materials and techniques.

Pattern Pieces Lookin Pretty


From luxe purses to athletic fanny packs, I've made a fair share of bags in different styles.


Pictured: a deconstructed bag I stitched and dyed by hand.

Red Bespoke Leather Belt


Here you'll find a bunch of items I've made over time. I often get ideas that I have the hankering to create immediately.


Pictured: a handmade, bespoke red leather belt. 



I don't love typical throw pillows but I do love jumbo throw pillows!




Pictured: large fishbone canvas pillows. 


I started doing upholstery when my fantastic dog decided to shred the couch. 


Pictured: an antique couch, partially reupholstered with a high contrast fabric.